Why should you move to the cloud? Here's a few reasons: 

1. Protect your data.

Since your data is stored in the cloud and not on your computer’s hard drive, you won’t lose any data if your computer or company network decides to call it quits. Small businesses are leaning to cloud storage and software solutions more and more to avoid disastrous issues such as this. 

2. Connect with any device.

No need to be sitting behind your desk at work to access your payroll, bookkeeping or accounting data. The cloud allows you to access this information for anywhere, on any device. Whether you’re out of the country on your mobile phone or in the airport on your laptop. You’ll always have your business at your fingertips.

3. Easy software updates.

You’ll never have to worry if your software is out-of-date. Each product will update automatically on a regular basis, assuring that your data is always secure and the software is running as it should.

4. Upgrading is easy.

Cloud software makes it’s easy to upgrade and add extra storage space as needed.  

When using cloud software solutions, there’s no need to buy expensive software packages. All you pay is a monthly fee to use the service.

5. No large up-front costs.